Research and General Information

In this section, you can find information on what Super-Recognisers are along with the lines of research our team is involved in.

More on Super-Recognisers

Here are some videos in which Josh Davis describes Super-Recognisers, their abilities and how they can be utilized.

Research Areas

Face Recognition

Since the discovery of people with superior face recognition ability (Russell et al., 2009), interest in such individuals have grown exponentially from researchers, private organizations, police forces as well as governments.


Starting from 2011, Josh Davis and his team have been investigating this peculiar ability and have published abundant research dissecting the underlying mechanisms of superior face recognition. This research has resulted in consultancy for lots of organizations in terms of recruitment.

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Where to find us?

Greenwich Super-Recognisers

Supervisor: Dr Josh P Davis

Applied Psychology Research Group

University of Greenwich

Old Royal Naval College,

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