Our Team

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Research Assistants


I am a first-year Psychology undergraduate student at the University of Greenwich. I am an aspiring psychology academic eager to learn about the fascinating and complex world of research. Being part of this team is a perfect match for these goals as I am involved in carrying out research. The role has further imbued my passions with a range of skills as the team provides me with support and priceless insights. Other interests of mine include photography, reading among others.


I am a hypercompetent, ambitious problem-solver and an aspiring Psychology academic. These qualities and goals are perfectly aligned with my position in this team: Apart from regularly carrying out research and testing, I am responsible for IT and technical coordination, data management and I am also the webmaster. Other responsibilities and interests of mine include independent research, reading and solving puzzles. If you want to know more about me, see my LinkedIn or find me on Facebook.


I am a second year BSc Business Psychology Student at the University of Greenwich. I am an aspiring international project manager with an interest in cognitive and forensic psychology, more specifically individual differences in perception, problem solving and memory. My roles within the team consist of developing experimental stimuli, conducting research, and improving my skills and knowledge of software editing tools. Other interests of mine include helping charitable organisations, creative work, and organisation. See my LinkedIn page for more information about me.

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I am a dedicated second-year Psychology undergraduate student at the University of Greenwich. Following my graduation, I am determined to become a registered Psychologist by achieving postgraduate qualifications. I have a passion and enthusiasm to develop my skills and acquire expertise in this field. As a research assistant, I am gaining invaluable experience in carrying out research and widening my academic understanding of theory and practice. Being part of this team enables me to learn, share and communicate with others who are as committed and motivated as myself. Other interests of mine include fitness, dancing and design.

PhD Students

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Ryan Jenkins

My research investigates the relationship between voice and face recognition with the aim of identifying super-voice-recognisers, individuals who theoretically possess superior voice memory and voice matching abilities, parallel to the super-face-recognisers in the face recognition literature. I am also interested in examining other individual differences in these groups of people, including the developmental trajectory of these abilities, among other things. I have presented my research at both UK and international conferences. If you'd like to get in touch you can either email me or tweet at me @Ryan_e_Jenkins

Frantiska Halaszova

I completed my MSc in Psychology with Merit from the University of Greenwich in 2016. As a result of my MSc research, I am currently working on drafting my first paper on residual stigma for publication and this has also helped me secure a post-graduate position as a self-funded PhD student at Greenwich. Presently I am investigating, whether and how residual stigma impacts on former and current sex workers generally and more specifically in jury trials.  I am also keenly following and supporting the research of my first Supervisor, Dr Josh Davis, who is highly published in the field of super-recognisers. 

Voluntary Associates

Gesmina Tsourrai

I am a second-year Psychology student at the University of Greenwich. My main role in the team includes testing participants as part of the recruitment processes for external organisations. I have been assisting Dr. Josh Davis in his collaboration with external organisations, including international police forces in Stuttgart, Germany and Australia. With novel insights into research and data management, I am looking forward to further developing these skills in my education as well as professional work.

Elena Belanova

I have recently completed my PhD under the supervision of Dr Josh Davis, examining individual differences in face recognition while exploring potential markers associated with super-recognisers’ exceptional ability. The results were significant enough to warrant further research: Currently, Dr Josh Davis and I are collaborating on different projects looking at individual differences in long-term recognition and specific perceptual processes which may be associated with superior face recognition. 

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Carly Smith

I passed my MSc Psychology (Conversion) at the University of Greenwich with a distinction in Sept 2018. My current research is extends my dissertation supervised by Dr Josh Davis, "Investigating jury decision making in cases of domestic abuse based on body-worn video camera evidence and the victim's mental health". Police body-worn video cameras are an emergent policing paradigm and this study will contribute to the growing body of research in this area. You can find me on LinkedIn!