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A summary of Josh Davis' work, achievements, responsibilities, publications and talks to date.



Professor Josh P Davis is a Professor in Applied Psychology at the University of Greenwich, and a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. His PhD was on the “Forensic Identification of Unfamiliar Faces in CCTV Images” (2007) and he has since published over 30 research articles on human face recognition and eyewitness identification, the reliability of facial composite systems (e.g., E-FIT, EFIT-V), and methods used by expert witnesses to provide evidence of identification in court (‘facial comparison evidence’).


Josh is a member of the Experimental Psychology Society, and the European Association of Psychology and Law. He is also an elected Committee Member of the British Psychological Society: Cognitive Section, and an Associate Editor of the Cognitive Bulletin.


Since April 2011, Josh's research has mainly focussed on so called ‘super-recognisers’ with exceptional face recognition abilities. This led to changes in the management and distribution of CCTV images by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) – substantially enhancing suspect identification rates. In May 2014, he received European Commission funding as part of the €8,406,523 LASIE (2014) project, with the primary aim of identifying superior face recognisers. He has since worked with other international police forces and Government agencies (e.g., Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore), consulted with business resulting in the creation of over 100 new jobs (e.g., Super-Recognisers International, Yoti), and been invited to present his research worldwide (e.g., Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Russia, USA).


Josh is regularly interviewed by the international media, including more than 80 TV and radio appearances and 100 printed and online media interviews. His first co-edited book “Forensic Facial Identification: Theory and Practice of Identification from Eyewitnesses, Composites and CCTV” (Wiley Blackwell) was published in 2015. In 2019, a collaboration with VisionMetric Ltd., to examine human and computer identification of EFIT6’s was awarded £300,000 by Innovate UK.


For his work, Josh has recently been awarded University of Greenwich: Outstanding Achievement in Enterprise Award Winner, November 2019; and Students’ Union: University of Greenwich Student-Led Teaching Awards: Supervisor of the Year. May 2018.  

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