Selected TV Interviews

The One Show

Dr Josh P Davis discusses super-recognisers and their abilities.

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Inside Out

Report on Super-recognisers in action and Interview with Dr Josh P Davis.

Inside Out thumbnail.jpg

This Morning

Dr Josh P Davis and Mick Neville from SRI discuss super-recognisers.

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Selected International Written Media Interviews

An in depth investigation of the work of London's Met Police Super-Recogniser Unit by the New Yorker.

USA Flag.png

Queensland Police announce the creation of the first Australian Super-Recogniser Unit

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The Guardian investigates the skills of Met Police super-recogniser Gary Collins


Abendzeitung reports on a Munich press conference announcing the creation of the first German Super-Recogniser Unit

Germany Flag.png

The New York Times reports how police super-recognisers cracked the Russian novichok case

USA Flag.png

BBC future publish the fun University of Greenwich super-recogniser test link - now taken by over 6 million


The Irish Times report on the talents of Patrick O'Riordan - a Met Police super-recogniser


Magazine reports on the super-recogniser solved case of Austin Caballero

Spain flag.jpg

The South China news reports on a search for super-recognisers in Hong Kong

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