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We regularly create new face recognition tests as we can only use them once with super-recognisers (if we use them a second time, super-recognisers remember the photos seen previously). We are constructing a new test and to make it difficult we need a series of photos of the same people taken over a period of time so we can measure the influence of ageing. If for instance, you are 22-years, we would like one photo of you at 22-years, one at 21-years, one at 20-years etc etc. Best are social media type profile images (e.g. Facebook), when you were looking at the camera - these are easy to download from Facebook and upload to our system. The minimum requirement is 4 photos - maximum 12 photos. This project has ethical approval and although someone who knows you will recognise your photos, the aim is that the test will be used by people entirely unfamiliar to you, so your identity should remain anonymous. Take part here.


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