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Thanks to everyone who contributed to the first component of our Innovate UK funded E2ID project, “can you beat the computer?” when trying to match a facial composite with either a photo of the person the composite is supposed to depict, or someone else entirely. You were asked to rate each facial composite for similarity with the photo.

There were three conditions and the accuracy rates associated with all three are described below. Three hundred and eighty-five participants viewed 50 pairs of images (Figure 1), 690 viewed 20 pairs of images (Figure 2) and 2,879 viewed 10 pairs of images (Figure 3). Sixty-eight participants “beat the computer” by achieving maximum scores when there were only 10 trials, whereas only 2 achieved maximum scores with 20 trials. However, no one beat the computer when 50 trials were presented.

Four x £50 randomly selected Amazon vouchers were distributed in January to the following lucky winners. This project (50 trials) is continuing in February with a new set of images and everyone is invited to take part. Can you beat January’s best score of 48?

Another set of 4 x £50 randomly selected Amazon voucher prizes will be distributed at the end February.

Thanks again

Josh Davis


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