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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

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School of Human Sciences

Institute of Lifecourse Development

University of Greenwich

London SE10 9LS

Twitter: @GRecognisers

Research Team:

Dr Josh P. Davis (Professor, University of Greenwich)

Research Assistants: Katie Read (University of Greenwich)

Thank you to everyone who helped with the pilot of this test. Your participation is very valuable to us and our research would not be possible without your this. We asked for help with a pilot project to develop a test for Passport images and Asian Face Matching. Below is the results of the full dataset. Those who contributed can compare their results given at the end of the test, with that of the full data set below.

Test design

In this test, participants viewed 28 pairs of mainly East Asian faces in passport pictures, which if of the same person, were taken up to 10 years apart. Participants were instructed to report whether the faces were the ‘Same’ or a ‘Different’ person. Data were collected on participants’ total scores (out of 28).

Participant’s previous scores on the Cambridge Face Memory Test (CFMT+) (Russell, Duchaine, & Nakayama, 2010) and the Glasgow Face Matching Test (GFMT) (Burton, White, & McNeill, 2010) were also accessed.


In total, 172 volunteers completed the test (aged 18-76 years, M = 35.7, SD = 10.3, male = 51, female = 177, other= 4, Chinese= 105, White-Caucasian = 35, Asian Other = 10, other = 21). We were able to match all of those participants with their original scores on the CFMT+ and the GFMT stored on our database.


Table 1

Descriptive statistics for each of the three tests (n=172)

Table 2

Spearman Correlation Coefficients between the scores on all tests (n = 172)

**Correlation is significant at P < .01

Figure 1

Frequency of scores on the Passport and Asian Face Matching Test: full dataset (n = 172)

Thank you once again!


Burton, A. M., White, D., & McNeill, A. (2010). The Glasgow face matching test. Behavior Research Methods, 42, 286–291. DOI: 10.3758/BRM.42.1.286

Russell, R., Duchaine, B., & Nakayama, K. (2009). Super-recognizers: People with extraordinary face recognition ability. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 16, 252-257.



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