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Team Super-Recognisers Greenwich are very proud of Nikolay Petrov, who, while studying for his final year BSc Psychology at the University of Greenwich, working part-time for Josh Davis on the super-recogniser research and other projects (Nikolay builds the structures of the tests we use, and helped design research on a recent collaboration with South Africa), and winning a place on the MSc in Psychological Research at the University of Oxford University (starts Oct 2020), has managed to first author an article for the Psychologist.

Nikolay and Oliver (Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Greenwich) have written an article titled "Dreams and their Relationship to Waking Life". It makes for a fascinating read and we find out that throughout history people have tried to interpret dreams (I always remember reading about Joseph in the Bible warning the Pharaoh that his dreams foretold the pestilence of the 10 plagues of locusts, rivers of blood, frogs, fire and storms etc etc.), and that 80% of dreams for the rest of us are negative - or are they? The authors show that cognitive psychological research on dreams suggests they may assist in absorbing the damage from negative, traumatic events and that rather than being all negative, they may represent the intensity of emotions being experienced in 'real life'.

You can find out more here: -

Petrov, N., & Robinson, O. (2020). Dreams and their relationship to waking life. The Psychologist, 33, 48-51.

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