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Updated: 14 June 2024

Professor Josh P Davis


Face and Voice Recognition Lab

School of Human Sciences

Institute of Lifecourse Development

University of Greenwich

London SE10 9LS

We sometimes receive donations of photos from two or more different members of the same biological family. We are always very happy when this happens because we can almost always use these images in some of our tests. Indeed, we hope one day to create a special face matching test (likely to be harder than most) which on each trial will either depict two members of the same family, or two images of the same person.  


Family donations of this type are quite rare. Unfortunately, however, occasionally, the images donated, have been so similar in appearance (not identical twins) that we have sometimes mistakenly believed that the same person has donated two batches of photos.  


Therefore, you will be asked a question asking if anyone from your family has already donated photos. If you are aware that this has happened, it would be very helpful if you could please find out what personal code they entered, or as best as possible, let us know approximately when they donated images, so we can instigate a search. 


Please do not worry if you do not have this information or you cannot gain access to it. Please upload images anyway. If you recover their personal code later, please email it to Please make sure to include your own personal code in the email as well, so we can mark the two of you as different people in our records.  

You can easily access our photo upload system by clicking the link below:


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