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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Prof. Josh P Davis

Face and Voice Recognition Lab

School of Human Sciences

Institute of Lifecourse Development

University of Greenwich

London SE10 9LS

16 February 2021

CCTV User Group 25 February 2021


Update 1st April 2021 - a video of this webinar has been produced. You can view the recording here:


Not long after providing a presentation at the National Police Chief's Council: CCTV Identification Group on 16 February 2021 discussing super-recognisers with police officers from across England and Wales; Professor Josh Davis will be virtually sharing a platform with Chris Tritton (Queensland Police Service, and instigator of the first Australian Super-Recogniser Unit) and Kenny Long (Digital Barriers and ex-New Scotland Yard Super-Recognition Unit).

This is for a webinar for the CCTV User Group at 2.30PM on Thursday 25 February 2021. Information about the presenters is here: -

I think I remember saying this!! "Organisations failing to employ suitably skilled super-recognisers in human identity verification critical roles are likely to be underperforming." - Prof Josh P Davis, Professor in Applied Psychology at the University of Greenwich.

Some old tweets briefly describing the collaboration between the University of Greenwich and Queensland Police Service can be found here. Professor Josh Davis and his team remotely tested officers in Australia, although Chris Tritton visited the Avery Hill campus of the University of Greenwich for his super-recognition testing session.

Senior Sergeant Tritton and Dr Josh Davis at the University of Greenwich in May 2019

Kenny Long and Josh Davis also attended a Charlton Athletic vs. Leeds United football match to trial the use of Digital Barrier’s Body Worn Camera system alongside super-recogniser, Kelly Hearsey as part of the Kick it Out anti-racism campaign.

That match, the crowd was as good as gold…. Those glorious pre-lockdown days indeed….

Both Kenny and Chris are licences of the Association of Super-Recognisers:

We have a fun 5-minute “Could you be a super-recogniser test” here that anyone can have a go at. It leads to more reliable tests and the opportunity to contribute to research.


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