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23-25 Feb: Training: Super-Recognisers International

I am looking forward to giving presentations at the next two online training courses for Super-Recognisers International. These courses have successfully transitioned from being conducted face-to-face to an online format and should be of interest to anyone who may be a super-recogniser.

Full details here:

My research assistants will also be organising final examination-style testing of participants hoping to become licensees of the Association of Super-Recognisers.

The dates for the next courses are 23-25 February and 25-27 May 2021.

Suitable for ALL Super Recognisers.

The poster for the event is above. However, please contact Super-Recognisers International if you are interested in attending – not the University of Greenwich or me. We have nothing to do with organising attendance.

Full details here:


Professor Josh Davis


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